Twitter confirms site issues, working to resolve things (update: Twitter apologizes and explains)

Twitter confirms site issues, working to resolve things

It's a rough day for internet communication. First Google Talk, now Twitter. The microblogging service confirmed that it's currently having some issues -- a fact independently verified by our frustrated staff -- adding that "Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue." We'll let you know when you can safely return to your regularly scheduled tweeting.

Update: Everything seems to be back to normal. You know what to do.

Update 2: Twitter just posted an apology and explanation for the outage on its blog. Turns out, tweets weren't making their way to the web because both a primary and back-up system in Twitter's data centers failed simultaneously, leaving us bereft of 140-character nuggets of wisdom for about two hours. Rest assured, VP of Engineering Mazen Rawashdeh and his team have apologized for the inconvenience and are working to prevent the problem in the future.