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Insert Coin: Quikdraw targets lens fumblers and multiple camera packers (video)

Insert Coin: Quikdraw targets lens fumblers and multiple camera packers (video)
Steve Dent
Steve Dent|@stevetdent|August 24, 2012 1:40 PM

In Insert Coin, we look at an exciting new tech project that requires funding before it can hit production. If you'd like to pitch a project, please send us a tip with "Insert Coin" as the subject line.

Carrying an extra camera body just to avoid scrambling for another lens seems a bit silly, no? Quikdraw wants to run that convoluted method out of town with a holster system that lets you carry Canon or Nikon lenses on your belt and change them in around five seconds. The holder start in a locked vertical position, and to attach a lens you just bayonet it into place, securing the glass and allowing the holder to be lowered. To liberate that fresh prime, you tilt it up and give it a twist, freeing it and locking the carrier in the "ready" position at the same time. Admittedly, packing a gaggle of lenses around your waist may brand you as an overzealous camera geek, but we suspect that those in the market for such a product would hardly care about that. So far, the company has wrangled around $40k towards its $100,000 goal -- if you want to ante up $75 to get one in an EOS or F-mount, draw a bead on the source below.

Previous project update: We last visited Connectify Dispatch only yesterday, but it's leaped from $30k to well over $40,000 in that time, putting the $50k target firmly in reach with 14 days left on the Kickstarter clock.