Outwitters, Super Knights and more get nice updates

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|09.07.12

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There are a few new solid updates out to popular games on the App Store, and you should head into the App Store app and grab them as soon as you get a chance. First up, Outwitters has gotten a big update to hit version 1.1. The biggest change is a new item in the in-app store that allows you to run more games at one time, but there are a number of bug fixes as well, for game crashes and game timeouts. If you are interested in checking out a very well-polished turn-based strategy title and missed this one a while back, now's the time to grab the free app.

Knights of the Round Cable has also gotten a big update, as well as a name change: It's now called Super Knights. The update features the same gem-collecting, cable-spinning gameplay, but it's been updated and "superized" with faster action and new mechanics like more princesses to collect. There are also daily challenges now, so grab the update if you're interested.

Puzzle Craft was also updated earlier this week with a big gold bonus for players, and the iPhone classic Fieldrunners has just been updated as well, with support for Retina display. It's also on sale for just US$0.99, so pick it up now if you haven't done so already.

And that's not all: Plants vs. Zombies (both the standard and HD versions) got updated with new achievements and a Last Stand mode. Minecraft got its big update (now with creepers, so watch your back). And the Touch Arcade app (featuring content from the popular iOS gaming site) was updated with iPad functionality recently as well.

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