Security researchers dissect Flame's handling program, find three new viruses 'at large'

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It seems Stuxnet and Flame aren't the only out-of-control cyber-weapons roaming around the Middle East. Security researchers from Symantec and Kaspersky have found that the Flame malware had the electronic equivalent of a "handler," a program called NEWSFORYOU, which is also in charge of three further viruses that are code-named SP, SPE and IP. The trio have yet to be analyzed, because although a cache of data has been discovered on a command-and-control server, decoding it has proved "virtually impossible." While both security companies have declined to point a finger as to the viruses' origin, Reuters' sources suggest they're from the United States, while The Washington Post has been told that the project was a joint-enterprise with Israel -- in keeping with the existing narrative that this is the pair behind Stuxnet.

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