GOG shows you how to 'enhance' old Baldur's Gate games

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GOG shows you how to 'enhance' old Baldur's Gate games
Following the delay of Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, GOG.com swooped in with a guide for how to make your own enhanced versions of Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2. While the dow noted the delay to the update from Trent Oster's Beamdog, the distributor saw that as an opportunity to post the step-by-step guide to enhance the games' graphics. Credit goes to GOG.com forum user GoJays2025 for putting the guide together.

For the record, the enhancement requires six mods, and both of the games. It's convenient, then, that GOG.com has them on sale at $3.49 each. Meanwhile, Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition is scheduled to hit November 30.

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