Mophie's $40 Juice Pack Reserve Micro charges your smartphone, fits on a keychain

Joe Pollicino
J. Pollicino|09.24.12

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Mophie unleashes $40 Juice Pack Reserve Micro, charges your smartphone and fits on a keychain

Last we heard from Mophie, it revealed its upcoming Juice Pack case for Samsung's Galaxy S III. While there's still no further info for that model, the company recently took to its Facebook and Twitter accounts to announce it's new $40 Juice Pack Reserve Micro. The palmable battery pack is nearly identical to the 30-pin friendly Juice Pack Reserve, but, as the Micro in its name implies, this one charges Micro-USB devices. The unit features a key chain loop and stores a total load of 1,000mAh, which gets re-filled via its secondary USB 2.0 plug. There's more info at the source links below -- here's to hoping for a Lightning variant soon.

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