Chitika: iPhone 5 beating out Samsung Galaxy S III in web usage already

The latest report from mobile marketing firm Chitika notes that the iPhone 5 has already supplanted the Samsung Galaxy S III in general web data usage after only a few weeks on the market. The Galaxy S III shipped in May 2012 and the iPhone 5 hit shelves in late September, yet Apple's handset is consuming more web data, according to Chitika's research.

There are a few reasons for this. First, the iPhone 5 is enormously popular, and has been selling very quickly already. Second, I've personally found that the iPhone 5's 4G and LTE connections make for faster web browsing in general, which could prompt users to spend more time on a data connection as opposed to WiFi. Finally, many of the iPhone 5's apps are easy to use, which means almost all iPhones see more bandwidth usage than their non-Apple counterparts.

Given those points, these numbers aren't all that surprising. But it is interesting to note just how quickly the iPhone 5 is rising through the ranks in overall usage.

[Via All Things D]