Breakfast Topic: What's your Pet Battle team?

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Breakfast Topic: What's your Pet Battle team?
Breakfast Topic What's your Pet Battle team
What's your team? You know what I mean, the team you've made that you're proud of, the one you lead out with, the one you'd play all the time if it worked in every match-up. The one you're going to level first to 25.

And, of course, what are they called? You can see my hastily formed team of Blizzard CMs in the header image, with the lovely Bashiok, Zarhym and Crithto rallying to take on my foes. This was in their early days. They're much more mighty now!

Pokémon never really much appealed to me, so I'm not overly familiar with the whole format of this. Are there certain combos you're particularly likely to succeed with? Are your teams tactical or just adorable? I've obviously gone with the latter rather than the former, but what about you? Why are those pets your team? Do link us to screenshots in the comments, if there are any ones that really appeal, we'll tell you all about them in a future article!

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