New Minecraft: Pocket Edition update due out soon

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|11.05.12

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New Minecraft: Pocket Edition update due out soon

The next version of iOS' Minecraft Pocket Edition has been submitted, according to the official Mojang blog, and it brings another round of updates designed to bring the game in line with its bigger PC and console cousins. In this update, players are set to get access to things like paintings, zombie pigmen (though why you'd want access to those, who knows) and the Nether Reactor and Glowstone. There are also a few tweaks to the gameplay as well, including food giving back more health and hearts getting restored when you sleep in an in-game bed.

Sounds great -- Minecraft's Pocket Edition just keeps on getting better. This update has been submitted already, and should be out and available later on this week. Meanwhile, you can grab the game from the App Store right now for US$6.99.

[via Touch Arcade]

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