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TiVo TV Anywhere app, multi-room streaming launch for Virgin Media viewers

TiVo TV Anywhere app, multi-room streaming launch for Virgin Media viewers
Jon Fingas
Jon Fingas|@jonfingas|November 6, 2012 8:14 PM

British TiVo owners with Virgin Media have sometimes had to watch as their American counterparts get first crack at the latest extras, not the least of which have been the mobile apps. The UK has just caught up, and then some, now that Virgin has rolled out a finished TV Anywhere app for iOS, Macs and Windows PCs. While the software has the obligatory DVR queuing and remote controls, the "anywhere" portion comes through a selection of as many as 45 live TV channels accessible from most any broadband internet connection. Reinforcing that connected vibe is fresh multi-room streaming to share recorded shows with that TiVo in the basement. TV Anywhere and multi-room support are both gratis parts of a subscription, so Virgin customers have every excuse to liberate their TV viewing.

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Take your Virgin TV service with you wherever you go
Entertainment, drama, kids, sport, movies, news and factual on the go
Virgin Media today launched Virgin TV Anywhere, a new 'cloud-based' entertainment service exclusively for Virgin TV customers giving them the flexibility to enjoy their favourite TV content on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Putting customers in control of their TV viewing and planning, Virgin TV Anywhere takes advantage of Virgin Media's cutting edge home entertainment services, calling on its expertise in television, broadband and mobile to deliver a compelling new TV service that can to be enjoyed anywhere in the UK1, even beneath the capital's streets using Virgin Media's public Wi-Fi on London Underground.

With two-thirds of Virgin Media's TV customers regularly taking control of their telly viewing through the largest and most advanced TV On Demand service in the UK, Virgin TV Anywhere now gives customers the ability to enjoy their favourite channels wherever they want too. Embedded with social media functionality, the service will allow users to share their thoughts on their favourite TV shows, and includes a fantastic new app for mobile/tablet devices2 alongside a brand new online destination for laptops and PCs. Virgin TV Anywhere is available to all Virgin TV customers at no extra cost.

The service comes with the ability to stream live TV, with up to 45 channels3 to choose from at launch, depending on a customer's TV package and method of access. The line-up includes a wide range of popular channels covering entertainment, kids, sport, news and factual, music and movies, and includes access to premium channels such as Sky Sports or Sky Movies for subscribers to these channels. Virgin Media will be adding further channels to the line-up in due course.

Virgin TV Anywhere also features up to 4,000 hours of TV available to watch On Demand4 at any time, including Sky On Demand, featuring shows from Sky 1 and Sky Living, as well as Sky Sports and Sky Movies for those subscribing to these services. The service also includes integrated access to catch-up TV services from BBC, ITV, 4oD and Demand 5 while kids will also have a range of great shows from channels including Disney, Disney XD, Nickelodeon and Nick Jr to keep them entertained.

Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media, said: "The world of digital entertainment is moving so fast, consumers are always looking for the next 'big thing' to take advantage of the features and connectivity built into today's gadgets. Virgin TV Anywhere builds upon our fantastic TV service, blending in the best of TiVo and our expertise in broadband and mobile, to bring customers a compelling entertainment experience to enjoy whenever they want, wherever they are – all at no extra cost."

Customers will be able to access Virgin TV Anywhere through the web or through a mobile and tablet app if they have Virgin Media TiVo®. The online service is available to all Virgin TV customers, with extra features for TiVo users to manage their boxes through a range of exclusive tools such as remote record and managing 'My Shows'. The mobile and tablet app, initially available on iPad, iPhone and iPod, offers the ability to fully manage TiVo boxes including scheduling recordings and deleting shows. The app also allows customers to rate shows with TiVo's trademark Thumbs Up/Down, view their suggested shows, and also acts as a touch/gesture-based remote control when at home5.

For further information on Virgin TV Anywhere, head to http://anywhere.virginmedia.com.

Notes to Editors

1 Streaming services on Virgin TV Anywhere can be used anywhere in the UK using a fixed or wireless broadband connection. WiFi recommended for mobile devices. Streaming over 3G is not supported. Whilst there is no charge to use the Virgin TV Anywhere service for Virgin TV customers, charges may apply for using public Wi-Fi or mobile networks.

2 Launching initially on iPad, iPhone and iPod and available to download from the App store. Android support to follow in 2013. Up to two devices (including laptops or computers) can be registered at any one time. Customers can change registered devices on a monthly basis.

3 Initial live streaming channel line-up below. Channel access is based on the TV package customers have and the method of access (online or through the mobile/tablet app). Certain channels may not be available on mobile/tablet devices at launch due to rights restrictions. Virgin Media will be adding further channels to the line-up in due course.

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TiVo TV Anywhere app, multi-room streaming launch for Virgin Media viewers