The Daily Grind: Who is your favorite NPC?

The Daily Grind Who is your favorite NPC

If you asked me who my favorite NPC was and I had to answer on pain of porcupine, then I'd probably say, "Every single character in The Secret World." How do I choose between them all? There's a mobster mummy, a police officer who cries over his dead kittens, and Frankenstein's descendant. And that's just for starters!

But if pressed, I'd probably go with Hayden Montag, the headmaster at Innsmouth Academy. Not only is he voiced by horror star Jeffrey Combs, but the guy is just a hoot in and of himself. He's completely without tact, says the most horrible things with a steady voice, and obviously has a really dark past. Plus, those omnipresent blue gloves are an obvious call-out to a certain science-fiction show many of us love...

So who is your favorite NPC and why?

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