Apple shows "father of iOS 6 Maps" the door

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Michael Rose
November 27, 2012 1:20 PM
Apple shows "father of iOS 6 Maps" the door

A tweet from Bloomberg News a few minutes ago says Apple has fired its "Maps manager" in the aftermath of the iOS 6 Maps controversy. Gizmodo points to executive Richard Williamson as the unlucky guy.

Williamson's LinkedIn profile shows that he's been with Apple in various roles since 2001 (after a previous stint with NeXT) and served as the Director of iOS Software from 2005 until the beginning of this year. His January transition to senior director, iOS Platform Services would have involved him with integrated offerings like Siri, parts of Game Center and Maps.

The bloodletting in Apple's iOS leadership team clearly wasn't finished when Scott Forstall's run at the top of the division ended last month. Williamson, who co-authored several key patents behind iOS and Maps specifically, may not be the last to go.

Photo by Shannon Archuleta | flickr cc

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