Codemasters hires achievement bloggers to design achievements for Grid 2

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Dan Webb is the editor-in-chief of both Xbox 360 Achievements and PS3 Trophies, two sites that have covered metarewards on the two major consoles for a few years now. But he's never actually helped write an achievement list, and so Codemasters is finally giving him that chance with Grid 2. Webb and the rest of his writers will not only create the achievements for the upcoming racing game, but will have a series of posts, videos, and other content showing off what actually goes into the process of giving away all of those gamerpoints.

"Codemasters have put their faith in us to work with them on creating the ultimate list," says Webb in the press release, "and we're looking forward to repaying that trust to design Achievements and Trophies with unique objectives that will put a smile on players' faces with each and every unlock." We're interested to see just what Webb and the developers create. Even if things don't work out, odds are they won't make the worst achievement list ever, right?
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