Apple announces the Mac App Store's Best of 2012

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Apple announces the Mac App Store's Best of 2012

Just as they did for the iOS App Store, Apple has announced the best Mac apps of 2012 in the Mac App Store. The App of the Year award went to Day One (US$9.99), the popular simplified journaling app. The first-person role playing game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Ultimate Edition ($39.99) took home top honors for Game of the Year.

The runner up Mac App of the Year went to CameraBag 2 ($14.99), the desktop photo editing app with numerous filters, tools and controls. The runner up Mac Game of the Year went to Splice : Tree of Life ($9.99), the artistic puzzler that finds users splicing different microbial strands to see how they react with one another.

Apple also lists the next top 20 Mac apps and games of 2012.

Keep an eye out for "Best of" lists of 2012 throughout December from TUAW writers.

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