Nokia reportedly 'in talks' to build 10-inch Windows RT slate with Qualcomm and Compal

Nokia reportedly 'in talks' to build 10inch Windows RT slate with help from Compal and Qualcomm

There's been no shortage of chin-wagging about a Nokia slate in the past, but needless to say it's never amounted to much. In fact, the murmurs and patent applications largely died away prior to the coming of Windows RT, leading us to conclude that the Finnish manufacturer had decided to step back from the tablet tussle rather than wade in. That said, Digitimes is now reporting that Nokia is once again "talking" to hardware partners -- namely Qualcomm and Compal -- about developing a Windows RT device. Mobilegeeks and our own sources have stepped up to support the gist of this report, although they didn't go nearly as far as Digitimes in claiming that a 10-inch product would be done and dusted in time for MWC, which means we're left with nothing concrete. One thing does seem likely: Surface may not be selling well enough, despite its merits, which potentially creates room for another Microsoft-aligned manufacturer to carry the RT baton forward.