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Conquer Online details upcoming Invasion of Pirates expansion


Conquer Online, NetDragon's free-to-play fantasy MMO, is getting a taste of the high seas come January 11th as the team launches the game's newest expansion, Invasion of Pirates. The expansion will introduce the new Pirate class, which will allow players to use new weapons and abilities while also finally letting them take sides in a real Pirates vs. Ninjas battle.

The Pirate class itself can utilize pistols and rapiers, and its abilities rely on stamina, "with many of the skills requiring a cooldown period." As such, the key to winning a battle as a Pirate is, according to the press release, determined by how well a player can string the Pirate's attacks, buffs, and other abilities into an effective combo. The studio adds that while the Pirate will certainly have a steep learning curve, "with a little strategy and know-how, the new class can easily become the most deadly in PvP battles." For the full details on the new expansion, or to get in on the action yourself, head on over to Conquer Online's official site.

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