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Homemade electronic drum kit uses plastic bowls, serves battery-powered battery


Drums and parents go together like cheese and gravel, but if the little ones want to learn, the smart buy is a headphone friendly electric kit. Proud / sneaky parent Ian Cole, on the other hand, decided that a portable set of digital drums would be the ideal way to share his son's "talent" with the grand-folk. Using an ATmega168-based "Drum Kit - Kit Ai" from SpikenzieLabs, some piezos to register hits -- wired up via plastic plumbing tubes -- and a bit of imagination (ok, actually MIDI and Garage Band), he knocked up a fully whackable six-piece kit so Junior can get his Bonham on during those precious weekend visits. There's no word on whether pops will make a wearable version for added family fun, but if you want to see it in action check the video after the break.

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