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Amy to launch next week with a mysterious price structure


Developer VectorCell may be trying to tell us that things won't be normal in Amy -- its prices and release dates are more complicated than they first appear. Amy will drop in Europe on Jan. 11 for XBLA and PSN, and the US version will launch on Jan. 11 for XBLA. The US PSN edition launches on Jan. 10.

That wasn't so hard -- but we haven't yet gotten to the prices. Amy will cost $12.99 (€9.9, £7.99) on PSN, and 800 MS Points on XBLA. 800 MS Points converts to $10 (€7.82, £6.46), which, for the mathematically challenged, is $3 less than the PSN version. It must cost a lot to come out a day early, or maybe this is just another way for VectorCell to keep us in the dark.

The game is also coming to PC, but VectorCell says it won't be until "several months after the PSN/XBLA version, and we can't announce a date yet because we haven't totally finalized our distribution deals." What a twist!

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