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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is heading to the gym

Jordan Mallory

Now that we know what games are held within the EVO 2012 cornucopia of contusions, it's time for the fighters of the world to start training. The last qualifying tournament is in June, so we should have plenty of time to dust off ol' Nasty-Asty when SoulCalibur 5 launches at the end of the month. Truth be told, we're still a little perplexed by the omission of any BlazBlue games from the line-up. Granted, Blazblue has a much smaller following than Ultimate Marvel or Street Fighter, but it's far more popular than Mortal Kombat in the competitive fighting game community.

While we're doing hadoukens and shinkuu tatsumaki senpukyakus until our eyes and fingernails bleed, take a look at our favorite webcomics from last week. If you're wondering whether you can vote for your favorite after the break, the answer is "Shoryuken!"

Proven Strategies (Penny Arcade)
Blue Prophecy (Extra Life)
Breaking Point (Nerf Now!!)
Skyward Profits (Hejibits)
Maybe Fi is short for F1 (Manly Guys Doing Manly Things)
Baby, when you're gone ... (Magical Game Time)


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