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Call of Duty Elite's mobile app launches tomorrow on iOS, next week on Android


You're standing in line for lunch, replaying last night's match on Arkaden in Modern Warfare 3 in your mind, when you remember the final shot -- you really wanted that gun. You could wait until you get home, check your recent matches on Elite and shank the winning shooter's weapon of choice -- like a peasant -- or you could do it right there, in line, on your phone -- like a boss. This is the vision Beachhead Studios head Chacko Sonny has for Call of Duty Elite's free mobile app, hitting iOS smart phones tomorrow, Jan. 10, and Android one week later.

The Elite app will offer four main areas of mobile control:
  • Career summary: Just like Elite main, check stats and general player information on yourself and others you've played
  • Recent matches: After-action report on the past 10 matches, including scores, kill/death ratios, map information for yourself and others in the match
  • Challenge Tracker: Tracks your progress through specific challenges
  • Customize classes: Modify your loadout -- weapons, perks, attachments -- and push custom classes directly to game
Anything altered in the Elite mobile app that affects loadouts or in-game options will be exported to console, and players will accept the changes after logging on. Most of the app's functions have been modified to fit a smaller screen, especially Sonny's favorite, class customization. Beachhead Studios developers have been testing the mobile app on their own phones, and Sonny said it expands the realm of bragging rights considerably because players will have proof -- or not -- of their achievements right in their pockets.

"We wanted to focus on those areas first because they made the most sense given the strengths of the devices themselves, but we felt this was also a good place to start getting feedback from the community," Sonny said.

Beachhead Studios has been getting plenty of feedback on Elite after a rocky console launch and the continued lack of certain functions, most notably clan operations. Beachhead is working on these issues, Sonny said.

"Part of the reason they're not up yet is because we learned a tremendous amount at launch about testing and scaling and making sure that things are at the level that the community really, really wants it to be at before releasing them into the wild," Sonny said. "I know that there's frustration and I know that people are waiting for the clan operations component to be in place. But as a development organization, we have to focus on making sure that it's ready to go before we actually release it out into the wild and create more frustration."

Mobile is another aspect of the complete Elite experience that is falling into place, Sonny said, and other parts, such as a PC version of Elite, will come when they're ready.

"A PC version is definitely still a priority for the studio," he said. "We're heads-down, working on all the stuff that we know the community wants."

The Call of Duty Elite mobile app launches Tuesday for iOS and next week for Android smart phones, and it will be optimized for tablet after those versions are perfected, Sonny said.

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