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Klipsch planning to 'rule the air' at CES (update: eyes-on, video and pricing)


Klipsch, enemy of spellchecking software throughout the world, is announcing a slew of new products at CES that won't make it to retail for months. Following the release of the Gallery G-17 Airplay speaker is the RoomGroove Air, Stadium and Console AirPlay speakers:
  • The RoomGroove Air packs dual 1-inch soft-textile tweeters with Round Tractrix horns and 2.5-inch woofers promises big sound from its small package. It'll be available in fall of 2012, but we don't have any word on pricing yet.
  • The Stadium (pictured) is a 2.1 tabletop speaker that's packing dual 1-inch titanium LTS tweeters with beefier 3-inch midrange woofers and a dual 5.25-inch subwoofer to make sure whatever table this speaker winds up on, it'll shake in tune to your Yacht Rock playlist du jour and also arrives in fall.
  • The Console is a 2.1 audio system that doubles as furniture, capable of running HDMI, Optical-in and USB inputs as well as AirPlay. It's packing dual Tractrix Horns with a 1.75-inch titanium dome, high compression LTS drivers and 10-inch folded cone Cerametallic woofers. It can also double as a center speaker for a beefy home cinema system, but still thy beating heart people, it's not coming out until winter of 2012.
We've got more details after the break, neatly organized into a press release for your edification.

Update: We just met with Klipsch and got brief look at the the Console 2.1 and as well as a mock-up of what the Stadium. Truth be told, Klipsch admits that they're undoubtedly aimed at high-rollers, rocking respective estimated price points of about $7,000 and over $1,500 -- be still, our hearts yet again. The Stadium takes up nearly the same footprint of the G-17 Air, but in all, it's almost double the size.

The Console 2.1 cabinet-system was partly functional, and although we couldn't gauge sound quality, we can say that it was exceptionally loud against the busy show floor. Notably, the massive system manages to pump out all that volume without much in the way of vibrations -- so much so that the water inside of a wine glass place on its top remained impressively placid. You can see for yourself in the video past the break.

Gallery: Klipsch Stadium and Console 2.1 Airplay speaker systems (eyes-on) | 12 Photos

Joe Pollicino contributed to this report.

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Klipsch to Rule the Air at CES and Throughout 2012

INDIANAPOLIS (Jan. 9, 2012) - Klipsch, a leading global speaker manufacturer, today announces a total of three all-new, Apple AirPlay®-enabled audio solutions set to debut at CES and launch throughout 2012. Joining the ranks of the already in-market Klipsch Gallery™ G-17 Air, the company's first acclaimed introduction in the AirPlay category, will be the Klipsch RoomGroove® Air, Klipsch Stadium and Klipsch Console.

Designed to utilize any wireless network and embedded AirPlay technology, the new Klipsch systems seamlessly stream high-quality audio directly from any iPod, iPhone or iPad – all without wires and the need to dock the relevant device. In addition, iTunes can also be streamed from a Mac or PC to the three systems. Featuring USB inputs for direct digital connection, the systems are also capable of charging most 30-pin Apple devices, while also accepting almost every music player available today.

"Reliance on Apple smart devices for day-to-day activity is at an all-time high and will only continue to grow as their capabilities become more novel," said Paul Jacobs, CEO of Klipsch. "By fusing 65 years of iconic loudspeaker engineering with noteworthy technological solutions such as AirPlay, we're eager to diversify our future offerings in the wireless audio category. It is our passion behind these systems that will help change the way individuals share music with one another."

Employing dual 1-inch tweeters with Round Tractrix® horns and 2.5-inch woofers, the Klipsch RoomGroove Air stereo music system guarantees major output from a compact product. Housing a tuned port enclosure, the RoomGroove Air couples sonic clarity with unrivalled bass output to make the most of beloved music libraries.

The Klipsch Stadium was created to ensure the convenience of portable music storage is accompanied by high-performance audio. The 2.1 tabletop sound solution features dual 1-inch, horn-loaded tweeters and 3-inch midrange woofers. In addition, these components are combined with dual 5.25-inch, built-in subwoofers to ensure premier bass output and sound quality. Showcasing brushed aluminum cabinetry with soft-touch accents, the high-design Klipsch Stadium harmonizes with any size and style living arrangement.

Hand built in Hope, Ark. where the brand was originally founded, the Klipsch Console serves as both a multifunctional 2.1 audio system and furniture centerpiece. Boasting cutting-edge design and engineering, the Klipsch console provides plug n' play functionality for music, movies and television, in addition to its Airplay capabilities. Versatile inputs, including HDMI, optical and USB, provide numerous sound connection options no matter the preferred media source. To best produce the Klipsch sound signature, the unique system utilizes dual 90° x 60° Tractrix® Horns with 1.75-inch titanium dome, high-compression drivers featuring Linear Travel Suspension (LTS),10-inch machine-spun Cerametallic™ woofers with folded cones and huge motor structures, and 12-inch non-resonant, woven fiberglass subwoofer drivers with large, four-layer, aluminum-wound voice coils. For added impact, the Klipsch Console can also be used as a center channel and subwoofer solution for more extensive home theater setups.

The Klipsch RoomGroove Air and Klipsch Stadium speakers will be available in fall 2012, with Klipsch Console following in winter 2012.

Klipsch Group, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corp. (NASDAQ: VOXX).

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