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Shoot Many Robots gets M rating, peek behind the developer's curtain

Jordan Mallory

Demiurge's still dateless Shoot Many Robots may be closer to release than it seems, as the Metal Slug-esque shooter has been granted an "M" rating by the ESRB for sexual themes, strong language and the use of alcohol. Now, we're not going to put the onus of that rating squarely upon the shoulders of a certain fruit-fetishist robot, but all of those things do sound right in his wheelhouse.

The rating was revealed by the above trailer, which details the game's rendering engine and the various effects that can be achieved by removing certain layers of the game's visuals. While developed primarily for debugging purposes, some of these effects may make it into the finished product as bonus levels or unlockables. Personally, we're keeping our fingers crossed for the Lighting Mode shown at 02:11 and the "Limbo mode" at 02:32.

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