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WoW Moviewatch: Boombox


This isn't the first machinima for Boombox by Lonely Island; that was this version by Atraira. But funny songs will live on for ages. This version by Zervanity was created for a graphic design class. I think it's interesting that both videos primarily used draenei to tell the story. Are draenei the secret master of rhythm in the World of Warcraft?

Zervanity's version has a few subtle things that recommend it. First, I like the view from space shots, since that gives the song a nice, worldly feel. Second, it felt like Zervanity used a larger variety of Azeroth races in his song. That being said, the visual distortion in the video felt distracting. I think it was purposefully meant to be the audio line in video form, but it just seemed like some bad data distortion. It happens.

Nice job, Zervanity. I hope you keep expanding.

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