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ESI 250 deskphone wants to make business smartphones easy (hands-on)


Over at Showstoppers, ESI offered up an Android-based desktop phones hoping to bring the world of Google's OS kicking and screaming onto a business desk near you. The ESI 250 runs on Android Froyo (2.2), with a color display capable of running a limited bunch of (ESI-vetted) third-party Android apps like Evernote, text messaging and visible voicemail and reminders. Looks-wise, aside from the touchscreen, it's business as usual. The Android interface is a little sluggish, although our major issue is that we want to be handling Gingerbread by now, if not Ice Cream Sandwich. The enterprise phone is pegged for a Q2 launch, with prices pegged at a suitably business-like price of $300 per unit.

Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.

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