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iPhones accounted for almost half of October, November smartphone sales


Market research group NPD is reporting some good news for Apple ahead of the January 24 earnings call. The three models of the iPhone that are currently for sale -- the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS -- accounted for 43 percent of US smartphone sales in October and November.

Android phones saw a significant drop of 13 percent of share during that same period, while Apple's share bumped up 17 percent. Where are RIM and Windows Phone handsets in all of this insanity? Well, RIM saw a 6 percent share in the US, while Windows Phone and "all others" were barely above the zero line.

At least in the American market, iOS and Android have the market and mind share for smartphones. As noted on Macgasm, the iPhone 3GS outsold every model of Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone handset during the October-November timeframe. Of course, the 3GS is now free from AT&T, so it's hard to compete with a no-cost handset and an application base of over half a million apps.

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