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Star Wars: The Old Republic highlights upcoming Kaon Under Siege flashpoint


Despite only having launched about a month ago, Star Wars: The Old Republic is already gearing up for its next content update. As BioWare ramps up to release the update, it wants its fans to be getting excited for it as well. In that vein, the studio has released a new video highlighting Kaon Under Siege, one of the new flashpoints in the upcoming patch,

The story behind this flashpoint continues the game's current storyline, this time giving players a glimpse at the Tion Hegemony sector of the galaxy. Prior to the flashpoint, the Rakghoul plague has spread across multiple world in the system, killing the lucky and transforming those less fortunate into Rakghouls themselves. A few lucky survivors on the planet of Kaon have managed to hold out against the Rakghoul menace, and of course both the Empire and the Republic wish to rescue these survivors, eradicate the Rakghoul plague, and ultimately negotiate an alliance with the Tion Hegemony. For the full video preview of Kaon Under Siege, just click on past the cut.

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