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Reinventing the Spudger


Here's a basic Apple geek test. Spudger. If the word means nothing to you, move on to the next post.

Okay, just us now?

If the term spudger means something to you -- and you know in your inner geek heart that it does because you're still here reading -- just wait 'til you hear what we have for you.

TidBITS reports that the folks at Newer Technologies have re-invented the spudger! The soft, thin, pliable manipulation tool has been reimagined as an ultra thin, stainless steel weapon of Mac destruction. It's handmade in Italy of the finest rare Tuscan steel, so you can be assured of years of quality spudging (OK, I made up the "rare Tuscan steel" bit. So sue me.)

Retailing for US$9.99 (slighly less street price), the iSesamo (great name, yes?) is reportedly "ideal for pros and DIYers." I haven't had an opportunity to try one out, but the TidBITs write-up suggests that it easily surpasses the standard nylon units I have in my toolbox.

As a final note, a TUAW investigative team has discovered that,,, and are all available for anyone who wishes to create a dedicated spudger blog.

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