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Photorito disguises your supersized lens as the world's most delicious thing

Brian Heater

After the recent rash of burrito robberies that has been plaguing our nation, we're not really sure why anyone would opt to pick up a case that disguised their camera lens as the popular Mexican dish. If you're so inclined, however, you can nab the Photorito, a lens wrap made from Tyvek and neoprene, which promises to protect lenses from 24mm to 200mm from water, dust and bumps. The Photorito ships with a band that will keep it in place -- it'll run you $15 if ordered directly from Photojojo, just don't come crawling to us when you get some guac in your sensor.

Update: Photojojo has written to inform us that the price of the Photorito has been bumped up to $20 -- but really, can you put a price of making your camera lens look like Mexican food?

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