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Uncharted 3 DLC map pack available to Fortune Hunters today, more teased


A new DLC pack for Uncharted 3 is available today for members of the "Fortune Hunters' Club," the season pass solution for Nathan Drake's latest adventure. Today's pack includes the Cave, Fort, Lost City, and Sanctuary maps, all reworked from past versions with new lighting, textures, and terrain and weather effects. If you haven't yet bought in to the FHC, the pass is available on PSN now for $24.99.

And if that's not enough, Sony is looking to sweeten the pot a bit further. Originally, the pass was going to allow access to seven different packs (four map releases and three new packs of character skins), but now that number has doubled to 14 packs of content over the next year, all included in that same $24.99 price. All we've got about the new DLC so far is that teaser image above, which shows series baddie Lazarević, along with Flynn and Eddy. Fans are guessing it's villians-based co-op content.

Next up for DLC is three character skin packs, with two focusing on Uncharted's rogues gallery, and one featuring alternate skins for the heroes. A release date for those, as well as more DLC info, will be available from Sony soon.

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