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First annual NY Game Critics Circle Awards tickets are now available (and free!)


For the low, low cost of absolutely nothing, you can attend the first annual New York Game Critics Circle Awards here in New York City on February 2. But perhaps a free ticket to hang out with a bunch of NYC-based game journos isn't that exciting -- we totally understand. And that's why we're bringing Bastion songsmiths Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett into the mix, who will be performing songs from the award-winning game live throughout the show.

Going on that theme, we figured that you'd rather hear Bastion's narrator emceeing the proceedings than our best attempts at outside voices, so Logan Cunningham will be in charge of the proceedings. Beyond the trio of Bastion stars, award presenters like legendary animator Bill Plympton and Emmy award winner Dan Radosh will be gracing the stage, bolstered by members of the Critics Circle as well. Seating is limited, so if you'd like to attend, be sure to RSVP right here!

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