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Zumba Fitness Rush sweats Kinect Feb. 13


The hit Zumba Fitness franchise is working out another installment next month with Zumba Fitness Rush. The game is exclusively for Xbox 360's Kinect and features "the most content of any Zumba Fitness game to date."

"This high-quality experience built for Kinect for Xbox 360 offers a wealth of exclusive content to fans, and then delivers even more post launch with multiple game add-on packs," Majesco CEO Jesse Sutton said. "The February 13 launch of Rush is the company's largest integrated marketing program to date, and we are thrilled to have Microsoft's support around the world to bring this exceptional product to market."

Rush already has two DLC packs slated, with a three-song Bollywood pack for May and another triple-pack of hip-hop songs for September. The packs will be 400 MSP ($5) apiece.

The Zumba Fitness franchise has surpassed 6 million units to date and is currently the backbone of Majesco's financial scoliosis.

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