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Shogun Bros. Ballista MK-1 Gaming Mouse totes new sniping system, looks like it'll hit the spot


The latest gaming mouse from Shogun Bros. doesn't double as a gamepad, but it does carry a heady list of extra features for sharpshooting gamers. These include independent X and Y DPi settings to stabilize targeting, thumb selector for speed shooting, 5,700 DPI accuracy and 11,570 frames per second movement tracking -- sidestepping those pesky jumps and stutters when moving that cursor in the midst of a melee. Indicators include X, Y and refresh rate, while you'll find 11 extra macro keys across the rubberized surface. There are 20 customized DPI settings for any game genre you'd care to mention -- oh and a desktop setting, yawn. Expect to shoot the wings off a CGI fly some time in Q2 2012.

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Shogun Bros. Ballista MK-I Gaming Mouse

Shogun Bros. Understand Gamer need a Reliable, Accurate and Simply Operated Killing Device, this is the reason to develop the Ballista MK-1 for all they needs in their battlefield. We use all Top Design, Material and Components to create Best Mouse for them.

Features –

Precision Sniping System – Independent X and Y DPI setting (Allow User to Set Slow Vertical or Horizontal Movement for Stable Targeting)

Thumb Selector for Speed Shoot Mode Change

Extreme Accurate 5700 DPI, 1000HZ Polling Rate

Extreme Movement Sensation - 11570 Frame Per Second (No Jumping, No Skipping)

4 Level Customized DPI Setting with Active Indicator

Independent X, Y and Refresh Rate Indicator

5 Mode Customized Profile Setting with Indicator – Total 20 Customized DPI Setting (Best for FPS, MMO, RPG and Normal Desktop Environment)

11 Macro Keys to Master in the Game

5 Finger Rest and Ergonomic Shape for Long Hours Fight

Design -

1. Driver Free Capability (Bring mouse to any PC for Gaming)
2. Rubberized Surface for best grip
3. Special Thick Thumb Rubber for Grip to Move
4. Vacuum Electroplating Button
5. X,Y and Mode DPI Indicator
6. Military Grade Fabric Cable with Interference Cancellation
7. Golden Plated USB

Pricing and Availability -

Worldwide Available on Q2 2012.

System -

Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP/Vista/Win 7/Mac OS X 10.5

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