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SOE shows off PlanetSide 2's Galaxy transport

Jef Reahard

Another day, another PlanetSide 2 vehicle reveal. The latest update from Sony Online Entertainment features the venerable Galaxy, and if that doesn't quicken your pulse a little bit, you must've missed the original PlanetSide.

The Galaxy is a heavily armored troop transport designed to "hot drop" 12 soldiers into the heart of enemy territory. What's a hot drop? It's basically the game's sci-fi twist on the traditional parachute, and SOE says that it "automatically encapsulates any soldier or MAX unit that bails out with a protective barrier that slows their fall."

Galaxies are also sturdy enough to serve as mobile infantry bases after landing, and the ships feature respawn tubes, equipment terminals, and four weapon systems that may be operated on the ground.

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