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Resident Evil 4 on Android, exclusive to Korea's LG LTE market (for now)

Jordan Mallory

You know what the world needed? Another port of Resident Evil 4. Seriously though, up until now Android users have been left out in the plagas-infested cold when it comes to Leon and Ashley's romp through rural Spain, which is a pretty sad thought when you consider that RE4 is available on everything from the iPhone to the Zeebo.

There is good news for the ultra-specific Resident Evil enthusiast, however, provided that they live in Korea and have an LTE-enabled Android device by LG. Yes, RE4 is finally coming to Google's little robot, but only on LG's LTE U+ Market ecosystem, which happens to exist exclusively in Korea. The port, which is likely itself a port of the iOS version, could eventually make its way to other Android devices, similar to how Street Fighter IV HD's limited-exclusivity situation keeps it on LG devices until May. For now though, the title is only available in Korea for ₩5,000, or $4.41.

[Thanks, Waylan!]

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