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Beta test Skyrim 1.4 on Steam (if you dare)


Last week, Bethesda gave us the patch notes for Skyrim's next update, version 1.4. Rather than longingly glare at a web page for all of the fixes coming to your plagued save files, you have another option, granted you're playing the game on PC: you can opt into a beta version of the new update. Just make sure you back up all of your save files and other pertinent things first, mmkay?

If you want in, all you have to do is load up Steam, go into your Account tab under the Settings section and click "change" on Beta Participation. A drop-down menu will appear; select "Skyrim Beta" and, after restarting your Steam client, you should be good to go. And if you want to stop playing the beta version, all you need to do is go back into settings and opt out -- sorry, yelling at your monitor simply won't get it done this time, folks.

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