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Time Warner Cable's app goes universal


Time Warner Cable released an official iOS app early last year that let subscribers watch live TV. Despite some early issues with channel agreements, the app is still going strong, and appears to be popular with customers. So popular, in fact, that the company has just updated the app to also work with the iPhone and iPod touch, so now no matter what iOS device you have, as long as you're a TWC subscriber, you can tune in to some live television.

The app is called TWC TV, and it's a free download on the App Store. As you might guess, it requires a good, reliable Internet signal, so you'll need a Wi-Fi connection for streaming. You can also browse through program schedules and information, and even set your compatible DVR to grab your favorite shows.

The Time Warner app was a nice surprise when it appeared, and it's one of the best things that old media companies have done to work with iOS. It's good to see that it's not only popular enough to support with an update, but that Time Warner is getting dedicated about making its content available even on Apple's platforms for customers.

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