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Tokyoflash Kisai Optical Illusion watch is more than meets the eye, smells like teen spirit


Back in the mid-90s, Magic Eye had a brief reign as the monger of stereogram cool -- you know, those hidden 3D images you could only see with crossed vision. While the flames of that mini-craze mercifully died out, it appears some diehard, grunge-era revivalist over at Tokyoflash is prepping a wrist piece comeback for the low-tech made notorious by Mallrats. Reincarnated as the Kisai Optical Illusion, this concept-to-design LCD watch incorporates high-resolution diagonal lines on its touch screen display that reveal the time to trained eyes. But if your peepers are out of practice, don't worry, there's also a handy shortcut button that ought to clarify things a bit. As with all of the outfit's pretty, but pointless chronological kit, this particular limited edition model will retail for $179 as part of a special two-day sale, after which it'll jump to $199. Like what you can't see? Then bust out the flannel, lace up those Docs and prepare your plastic for processing when this digital ticker hits virtual shelves.

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