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Free Realms shows off a new player condo

Eliot Lefebvre

Housing is one of those MMO features that's beloved by some, disliked by others, and sadly not nearly as common as it once was. Free Realms has had housing for quite some time, of course, but the development team apparently hasn't felt that player introductions to same have really been up to snuff. So that's why players new and old will be gifted with a new Wilds Condo in the near future, a slice of housing that should give a much better idea of how fun the system can be.

Hosted by development artist Misty Michelle, the preview video just past the cut gives players an idea of what's expanded with the new condo. Players will get a lawn, more options to decorate, and more vertical space in the front yard to build a truly impressive dwelling. If that sounds like your sort of thing, take a look at the full trailer to see some of what you can do with your improved starter home right from the start in Free Realms.

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