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Street Fighter X Tekken getting post-launch tournament patch


Like the game that shares half its name, Street Fighter X Tekken will receive a free post-launch update aimed at the tournament crowd. Capcom hopes this patch will alleviate the concerns around the controversial gem system. In Street Fighter IV, it was a free update that added replays and other matchmaking features, but the exact nature of the free DLC in Street Fighter X Tekken is still mostly unknown.

"A lot of players were saying, 'I have to do button checks. Do I have to do a gem check now before a match?' With regards to that we plan to release a free post-launch tournament support mode," producer Yoshinori Ono told Eurogamer. "Hopefully from that we'll get feedback from the community, and then we'll have a better direction of exactly what we should do with this mode." Just so we're clear: The free mode will be released, and then based on how the mode is received, the mode will be changed? Crystal.

Ono also says that players shouldn't expect DLC gems at launch. Instead, Capcom is adopting a wait-and-see approach, gauging community reaction before plotting its next move. "In terms of DLC gems, we don't have any set plans on selling gems like this or like that," Ono said. "We're waiting to see what the user reaction is first, because we think a lot of users still don't understand the gem system completely. They're not power-up items. That's not how we see them. We put gems into the game which are default. As long as you have these default ones you'll be fine. If you want to get more gems down the road from the pre-order bonuses, you can definitely do that, but it doesn't make you stronger, it doesn't make you a better player, it doesn't mean you'll have an advantage."

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