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Creepy Japanese title Nanashi no Game phones in a sequel (in Japan)


Call us masochists, but we were really looking forward to the stateside release of Japanese horror title Nanashi no Game, or its sequel, Nanashi no Game Me (trailer above) for the DS. Neither of these made the trip -- evil spirits are afraid of flying, we assume -- and now there is one more Nanashi no Game title we can feel left out on, Nanashi no Appli, out today for iOS devices in Japan.

Nanashi no Appli follows the same story as its predecessors, Andriasang reports, where you play as someone who downloads a cursed RPG, which gives you one week (whisper: seven days) to complete it before you die. Nanashi no Appli features Twitter connectivity, a virtual OS that decomposes as the game progresses, and 3D sound, so you never know exactly where those disembodied voices are coming from.

An Android version will be released in February, also in Japan. Maybe it's better that way.

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