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DDO 'prequel' update prepping community for the expansion


Prequels are generally bad, bad things that your mother warned you about but you didn't believe her until you saw The Phantom Menace. Occasionally, however, there is the rare exception, such as Dungeons & Dragons Online's Update 13, which Turbine is billing as the prequel to this summer's Menace of the Underdark expansion pack.

Update 13: Web of Chaos has a generous portion of goodies for all players in the form of three new free quests. These quests include tackling a uppity cult, freeing a prisoner from captivity, and battling the nefarious Spinner of Shadows itself.

Also coming with DDO's next update will be a few additional store options, cosmetic pets, and the ability to unlock level 7 veteran status. The latter acquisition will allow you to make a new level 7 adventurer right out of the gate and can either be purchased with real money or in-game favor.

You can read up on Update 13 and the expansion pack in our recent interview with Turbine.

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