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World of Tanks invades America in Update 7.2


Watch out America -- your soil is no longer safe from the rampaging treads of World of Tanks! announced the forthcoming 7.2 update for the game which includes a US twist: an American map called Live Oaks, US tank destroyers, and updates to two of the top-tier American heavy tanks.

Update 7.2 will be arriving in the first quarter of this year, and also contains an Italian map (Campania), an integrated tutorial to help newbies get a handle on the game, and 20 new crew skills.

Lead Game Designer Mike Zhivets is all aglow over 7.2: "We are always happy to introduce new features and game content to our community. Many more new exciting features are on their way and will be introduced in the nearest updates."

You can check out the diesel action in the trailer after the jump!

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