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The Joystiq Show - 023: The Xav still burns


We promised a surprise last week, and it is here, in Canadian form -- Xav de Matos is back. Xav joins the show to discuss his new role as Feature Content Director, and touches on the kinds of new content in the pipeline. Then Alexander is full-up on bad news, but it's okay, did you hear that Ghost Trick is out on iOS?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 kicks off games this week with newly minted Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier talking about his review. Jordan is back talking about his favorite genre and why SoulCalibur V is both awesome and not so awesome, and Richard wraps up the show with how NeverDead is almost completely not awesome.

Part 1 (1:15) - Xav's return and news
Part 2 (22:35) - Games (Final Fantasy XIII-2, SoulCalibur V, and NeverDead)

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Host: Richard Mitchell (@SenseiRAM)
Producer: Jonathan Downin (@jonathandownin - Game Thing Daily)
Production Coordinator: Richard Mitchell
Music: Trash80 and Broke for Free

View the full guest list, games played, news topics, and stream the show after the break.

Richard Mitchell - Reviews Editor

News (hosts):
Richard Mitchell - Reviews Editor
Xav de Matos - Feature Content Director
Alexander Sliwinski - News Editor

EA, hackers win big off FIFA Ultimate Team
THQ confirms layoffs of 240 employees [updated]
THQ reveals $56 million loss in Q3
Ghost Trick comes through the phone lines to iOS tomorrow

Games (Final Fantasy XII-2, SoulCalibur V, and NeverDead):
Richard Mitchell - Reviews Editor
Jason Schreier - Reporter,
Jordan Mallory - Contributing Editor

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