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Prepare yourself for Sonic Boom 2012 at SDCC

Jordan Mallory

The House of Blues in San Diego will play host to Sonic Boom 2012 on Friday, July 13, during the San Diego Comic Con. Comic Con badges will not be required to enter the event, although what the event actually is still remains completely unknown, save for the fact that Sega's ultimate goal is to "make it a great time for Sonic fans of all ages." Last year's Sonic Boom centered mostly on Sonic Generations, prize giveaways and a musical performance by Crush 40, the greatest band in the world.

If we had to guess, we'd figure that this year's Sonic Boom will focus mostly on Sonic 4: Episode 2, since that's the only pressing Sonic release on our immediate horizon. We'll be keeping our collective ear to the ground for more Crush 40 live show Sonic Boom 2012 news as it develops.

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