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MW3's next DLC drops from a skyscraper onto Xbox Elite members on Feb. 21


Call of Duty Elite premium members playing Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox Live will receive the next batch of DLC, Overwatch, on February 21. Overwatch puts players in a construction site at the top of a New York City skyscraper, with a very real chance of dropping 70 feet to the sidewalk as an added risk. If you have trouble visualizing that, check out the gallery below.

The previous batch of downloadable content, Liberation and Piazza, is set to launch on PSN on February 28, having come out on Xbox Live in January, all in accordance with MW3's exclusivity deal with Microsoft. The next three batches of MW3 DLC will drop in March for Xbox premium members and will include the multiplayer map Black Box and two new Special Ops missions, Black Ice and Negotiator.

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