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Canadian gets PlayStation Vita early thanks to faith, good works

Sharif Sakr

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Today's lucky beggar award goes to Graham Innes in Canada, who wrote in to tell us that he found a PlayStation Vita sitting on his doorstep. It wasn't a total surprise, since he'd ordered one from Amazon, but what's weird is just how soon it arrived -- the early-bird First Edition doesn't launch until February 15th and the general release is a whole week after that. We're not sure what Graham did to deserve this, but we do know from our Joystiq buddies that he's not the only one -- has apparently sent out a few of these premature parcels. If the injustice burns, console yourself with the thought that Graham and his blessed compatriots probably can't access the store to download any games.

Update: Graham emailed again. He has store access. He has games. Joyousness.

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