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CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show wrap-up

Zach Honig

It's never easy to leave Japan -- the friendly people, incredible food, cutting-edge tech, clean streets and efficient public transit network mean we never hesitate when given an opportunity to visit this incredible country. But sadly, our latest adventure has come to an end. This year's CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show brought thousands of photography fans to Yokohama, a metropolis just a short train ride away from Tokyo. And while CP+ is still primarily a Japanese trade show, it served as the global launching ground for dozens of top camera models, including the Nikon D800, Olympus E-M5 and Pentax K-01, just to name a few. Bag and tripod manufacturers could be found spattered amongst the Japanese camera giants, but overall this show was more about the latest cameras than gimmicky accessories. There was still plenty of entertainment to be found on the show floor, so scroll through our gallery below for an inside look at life at CP+, or jump past the break for a roundup of our hands-ons and related news stories. Sayonara!

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