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    Daily iPhone App: Cupidtino


    We covered Cupidtino a little while ago. It's a dating site for Mac users who are looking for love. Given its purview and the fact that no web service is complete without an iPhone app, Cupidtino has released an iPhone app for single Apple fans.

    I kid but it's actually pretty nice. You can browse user profiles, your own, send messages and read the latest Cupidtino news. There are no standout feature but it's cleanly designed and runs well. What more do you need from a dating app?

    There is one catch. You must pay Cupidtino's monthly subscription to read messages sent to you. But it's less than US$5 per month, which is nominal for those who absolutely must date an Apple fan. All other features are free. I can't guarantee that you'll find a date (my luck with dating apps is as bad as my luck at finding a date in real life), but as an app, Cupidtino works great.

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