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NPD: Apple generates a fifth of all US electronics revenue


The NPD's analysis of 2011's trends in electronics sales shows that Apple now accounts for nearly one fifth of all US revenue in consumer electronics. HP is in a distant second place, having generated only about half as much revenue as Apple during 2011.

Overall, 2011's NPD results show shifting trends in the consumer electronics landscape. The share of overall sales revenue for PCs declined by 0.5 percent year-over-year -- a decline that is likely a percentage point or two steeper if Mac sales (which were actually up in 2011) aren't bundled in with overall PC sales. The overall share of TV and video game hardware sales also declined year-over-year.

Out of the top five highest-revenue categories, only "tablets" and mobile phones showed gains in revenue share during 2011. The revenue increase for mobile phones was slight -- barely 0.3 percent -- but "tablet" sales exploded in 2011, with their share of overall revenue doubling compared to 2010. I keep putting "tablet" in quotation marks because it's clear the overwhelming majority of this increase is directly attributable to the iPad; although last quarter's sales of Amazon's new Kindles probably made a small contribution to the revenue increase, the iPad is dominating revenue share in the tablet category.

Among the top 5 consumer electronics manufacturers based on revenue, only Apple showed revenue gains in 2011, and those gains were huge: sales grew by 36 percent in 2011. HP, Samsung, Sony, and Dell all experienced sales declines, with Sony and Dell showing sales declines in the double digits.

NPD's data shows a stunning rise in revenue share for "tablets" in 2011, Apple as the only company amongst the top five who gained revenue last year, and declines in PC sales and tanking revenues for some PC manufacturers. Taking all of this into account, the data suggests that the iPad is sending ripples throughout the entire consumer electronics industry.

[via Electronista]

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