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Nikon D4 and D800 to ship in March, but only in the land of the baguette? (update: US too)


We might not have an official release date for Nikon's new shooters in the US of A, but over in France, well, things are un peu different. Per a Q&A box on the French arm's Facebook page comes the image above, plainly stating its latest twosome will go on sale in March -- the 15th specifically for the D4, and the 22nd for the D800. Following that, tweakers obsessed with finer details will get their fix with the D800E a month later on April 12th. No word on if those dates apply globally, but instead of getting yourself all frothy, we say have a rendezvous with our hands-ons (D4, D800) or lose yourself in some delectable video samples (D4, D800). Go on, we won't judge.

Update: We heard from Nikon PR confirming that the D4 will indeed be launching in the US in mid-March as well.

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